After “losing” my work badge somewhere between Target and Daycare last night, I searched my home top to bottom this morning (causing me to get to work 2 hours late–and not normal late, but later than late), and then reporting it missing to security (going through the 3rd degree from them), I get home tonight only to find it under Ladybug’s Boppy. #newmommychronicles

That means water right?

So for the past couple weeks I've been thinking her saying "wawah" every morning when we went into the kitchen was water so I've been giving it to her. Today I tell her "we're having waffles this morning." She says "wawah." How did I miss that? #newmommychronicles

The Toy Struggle

The clothes were easy to get rid of; toys not so easy. Every thing that I remove from her toy box that I haven't seen since July she all of a sudden must play with. As soon as start putting them in the bag she starts "mommy mommy" and making the gesture for me to give...